Minggu, 31 Januari 2010

Islam Faith

X8YPH6AGPN5G The following pages embody a study of Islam during a residence of fifteen years in India, the greater part of which time I have been in daily intercourse with Musalmans. I have given in the footnotes the authorities from which I quote. I was not able to procure in Madras a copy of the Arabic edition of Ibn Khaldoun's great work, but the French translation by Baron M. de Slane, to which I so frequently refer, is thoroughly reliable. The quotations from the Quran are made from Rodwell's translation. The original has been consulted when necessary. A few slight and occasional errors in transliteration have occurred, such as Sulat for Salat, Munkar for Munkir, &c., but in no case is the meaning affected. In some words, such as Khalif, Khalifate, and Omar, I have retained the anglicised form instead of using the more correct terms, Khalifa, Khilafat, 'Umr. The letter Q has been used to distinguish the Kaf-i-Karashat from the Kaf-i-Tazi.

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