Selasa, 30 Maret 2010

Islamic brotherhood

Every Muslim is a brother. Brotherhood in Islam is because of religion. In Islamic history, this brotherhood of Islam that has led to the peak of civilization. Prophet himself had pointed out how to build the Islamic brotherhood. That is when the move to Medina, the Prophet Companions of the Quraysh brother with Ansar.

Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

A Muslim

Muslim is one who willingly gave herself to the heart of Islam. Muslims should be subject and obedient to the teachings of Islam. What is commanded by God to do. As for what is forbidden by God must be shunned. So that finally a Muslim will come to the degree of taqwa. What is commanded by God will ultimately be good for himself. Conversely, what is forbidden by God, if not avoid it would be bad for him.

The Balance Of Islam

Hablu min Allah wa Hablu Minannas. In Islam there are two things that should concern all people. A Muslim but has a duty to their Lord also has duties to the people around him. In other words a Muslim should not forget the life in the world. The world is a good deed for the life hereafter. Teachings of Islam itself taught to love with another man. In the case ubudiyah example, reflected in Zakat. Alms for the rich is a form of self approach God Almighty, but on the other hand is a form of human affection.