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Islamic Solution to the World's Problems

"It is human destiny that we should move ever closer to the perfect expression of all positive characterisitcs of existence. Only the death of our species could stop us from attaining this destined peaceful and sane world." ~Bro (Prof) Muhammad Al'Mahdi

This important talk offers a solution to the diseased society of today's world...
That if any individual or social group is given:
1. A positive, accurate and motivational worldview, plus
2. A good understanding of the Laws of Learning by which all human development takes place, there will be a naturally and inevitably result in a general movement toward good and right.

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Scientific Proof to the Existence of God
The most important scientific discovery of all time

There was a time when science seemed to be the enemy of religious belief - that time is no more! Modern physics and cosmology (science of the origin and development of the universe) now provide firm objective evidence of the existence of God and confirm the primary attributes of God. This knowledge comes from a critical analysis of the Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity and work being done in quantum physics. The concepts behind this esoteric scientific knowledge can now be presented in such a way as to be understood by any person with a modern education.

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The Creation of the Universe

An explanation of Allah's creation of the physical universe through the various steps unfolding according to the Will of Allah from photons at the beginning all the way up to Adam, and through Adam to us today. This explanation is consistent with both the traditional revealed knowledge of Islam, and with the factual findings of modern physics, cosmology, chemistry, biology and genetics. This understandding of Allah's plan for creation refutes the atheistic philosophy of evolution while presenting an objective analysis of creation which could not be denied by modern science.

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The Laws of Learning
from the perspective of Islamic Psychology

"If any individual or social group is given:
A positive, accurate and motivational worldview, plus a good understanding of the Laws of Learning by which all human development takes place, there will naturally and inevitably result a general movement toward good and right." ~Bro. (Prof) Muhammad Al'Mahdi

This is a brief and simplified overview of a complete set of laws of which explain how all learned human development takes place. Examples are given on how to use these laws of learning to help your children grow up to be adults of excellent Islamic character who will, InsyaAllah, one day help make a much better future than the world today.

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The True Nature of Reality

A broad-reaching explanation of Allah's grand cosmic plan which includes a scientific view of His physical universe, combined with our first objective glimpse of the spiritual world from modern physics. Together, these give us an unprecedented understanding of the exquisite magnificence of being a Muslim in today's world.

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Islamic Psychology (old)

A presentation of a much needed truly Islamic psychology which could be incorporated into the practice of Muslim psychologists, regardless of thier particular methodology. Plus, a detailed explanation of how Western secular materialistic psychology had wrong intentions form the beginnning and why it proved to be so completely unsuccessful.

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Islamic Psychology (New)

Understanding the development of the human personality and soul
This is a truly Islamic Psychology which could be derived from revelation in the Qur'an and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) even if western psychology had never come to exist.

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Effective Islamic Parenting

The soul of your child is like an uncut precious jewel entrusted into your care by Allah. To you are given the awesome responsibility of shaping that precious jewel into a beautiful form, pleasing to Allah. In today's world the beauty, wonder, and reward of living in accord wth the traditional beliefs and practices of Islam are fast being lost to our youth. The plan of Effective Islamic Parenting presented here, using techiques based on a new model of Islamic Psychology, provide you with an easy and effective method to help raise children to be good Muslims, who have a great love for Allah, and who will be able to succeed academically and professionally in the modern world without losing their belief in or their practice of traditional Islam.

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A Proposal for the Formation of the Worldwide Islamic State

An Islamic State is one which opts to conduct its affairs in accordance with the revealed guidance of Islam, which accepts the sovereignty of God and the supremacy of His Law in all matters, and devotes its efforts and resources to ensuring the existence of a right society living in accordance with the Will of God. Due to the unique geo-political circumstances of today's world, so dominated by a lone superpower such as the world has never seen, which uses that power to impose Godless secular materialism upon all of world society, it is not the moment for any individual nation to make the attempt to become a true Islamic State. The only possibility for a future world, living rightly accoidng to the Will of Allah, may be the creation of a Worldwide Islamic State.

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