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Science Website for kids

Guides For Kids Science

Young children ask their parents hundreds of questions like these. In search of answers, we use scienceto both enlighten and delight. Being “scientific” involves being curious, observing, asking how thingshappen and learning how to find the answers. Curiosity is natural to children, but they need helpunderstanding how to make sense of what they see and to relate their observations to their existingideas and understandings. This is why parental involvement is so important in children’s scienceeducation. When we encourage children to ask questions, make predictions, offer explanations andexplore in a safe environment, we lend them the kind of support that they need to become successfulscience students and scientific thinkers.

science help for kids -

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Book View:

Compiled by : Dr. Md. R. Mirza and Mohd. iqbal Siddiqui
Scientist cannot reject the idea of Allah or His revealed religion. In fact the more one investigates the more one knows about Allah and His scheme of the universe.
The advent of Islam set many seekers of knowledge in diverse directions. This book gives the idea beautifully that how muslim, especially Arabs such as Jabir, Hunayn, Al Razi, Ibn Sina, Abul Qasim, Abu Al Hasan, etc invested, developed and spread the knowledge of various branches of sciences.
Publisehd : Adam Publisher & Distributor.
Size: 23x36/16

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A.E. PETSCHE, inc.
has become the largest supplier of high performance aerospace wire, cable, and interconect product.

ACSS, an L-3 Communications & Thales company
A leader in safety avionics systems for commercial and millitary aircraft.

AD Aerospace Ltd.
Designs and manufactures aerospace video camera equipment including video security systems.

Provides a wide range of test instruments of avionics industry.

AEROFLITE Enterprises
Authorized stocking distributor specializing in the assembly of electrical connectors.

AIM designs and manufactures PC card/PMC/PCI/CPCI/WME and VXI based test and simulation..
Supplier to major aerospace and defense companies including Boeing, BAE SYSTEMS, Lockeed Martin...

ASB Avionics
ASB has been serving the aerospace avionic industry since 1991.

it is family owned and operated, manufactures including matrix science, radial, amphenol.

ATHENA control
Athena technologies is a premier developer and producer of navigation and control systems.

Specializes in the axchange and sale of all types of instruments for general aviation aircraft and helicopters.

Ballard Tehnology, Inc
Manufactures of avionics databus interface modules and software for standart PC type computers.

Becker Avionic, Inc
Offers states-of-the-art CNS technologies to the aerospace and defense markets.

DAC International, Inc
Offers turkey solution with the latest technology in cockpit and cabin instrumentation and avionics.

Dallas Avionics, Inc
Distributor for test equipment, install supplies and communication radios.

dayton-Granger, inc
manufacturer of electrostatics, lighting protection, antenna, couplers, ELT's.

DEMO systems LLC, Inc
designs and manufactures data transfer systems and PMAT for commercial airborne and ground support applications.

D.L.S Electronic
For EMC and safety.

Ducommun, Inc
supplier cockit instruments.

provider for the design and manufacturing of turnkey fully integrated install kits.

Integrated avionic installation kits, RF cable, ARINC, Custom enginerin, STCs....

Excalibur Systems, Inc
designs, manufacturing and supply of avionic test and simmulation product.

Gebles Engineering, Inc
As a leader in the industry, gables design and manufatures avionic control, audi systems, engineered product and accesories.

GE FANUC Embedded
Offers an extensive line of product ranging for embedded board in multiple form factors, bus architectures and fabric.

Holling sead International , Inc
Holt Integrated Circuit, Inc
International Communication Group
Laversab Inc
Leach International North America
Luma technologies
Millenium intl
Northrop Grumman electronic Systems
NovAtel inc
Palomar Products, Inc
PIC Wire & Cable, Div of the Angelus corp.
Pickering Interface, Inc
Positronic Industries
RADA Electronic
Rockwell Collins Avionics & Communications
Sagem Avionic ,Comunication, A SAFRAN company.
STACO Switch
TechSAT GmbH, technical systems for Avionics and Test
Teledyne Controls
Tel-Instrument Electronics Corp

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Quran and science : By the sky that returns

Qur'an & Science: Building The sky

Science & Islam Video

Islamic Financial System

An introduction to the many miracles and advantages of Islamic Financial System, by Dr. Hussien Hamid Hassan. Dr. Hussein Hamid Hassan is considered as the father of Islamic finance. He received his PhD from the faculty of Sharia at the Al Azhar University in Cairo in 1965 and holds two degrees in law from the International Institute of Comparative Law, University of New York. He chairs the Sharia Supervisory Committee of many Islamic banks in the Middle East, and has advised several governments. An expert in Law, he had been the attorney general for the government of Egypt between 1969 and 1970. He has advised several governments in the Middle East and CIS countries on establishment of Islamic Finance Institutions. According to Mr Hassan, Islamic financing is the most equitable form of financing since it enables the creation of wealth without fuelling inflation or stoking a financial crisis.


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Author: Dr. A. Rahman
This book has been written on the basis of many advices given in Al Qur'an and Al Hadith with the aim of bringing awareness among the muslims, so that some steps be taken for acquiring knowledge through studies of sciences and technology.

many verses of the holy Qur'an are given in this book for the purpose of establishing Islamic views on science and technology.
Publisehd : Adam Publisher & Distributor.
Size: 23x36/16

Biotechnology Online Directory

Advances of biotechnology in this time. Searching what the advance through those website directory.

tags: Biotechnology methods, cell, gen, methods, systems, health, bio, chemistry, omics, multi, array.

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Looking The advance of Airspace Electric Technology

Index product

Berikut ini adalah berbagai produk elektronik untuk airspace yang dipasarkan oleh perusahaan-perusahaan penerbangan.
Untuk melihat/mempelajari lebih lanjut mengenai berbagai teknologi yang tersebut dibawah ini, bisa digunakan sebagai kata kunci dalam searchengine (google, yahoo, msn, dsb.)

Air Data Computers
Alarm Systems
Altitude Alerters
Antenna mounts
Anti-Icing Equipment
Anti-Static Equipment
Audio, Airborne
Automtic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B)
Auxiliary Power Units

Broadband communications

Cabin management Systems
Cabin security systems
Calibration equipment
Cameras, Airborne
Chemicals, electronics
Circuit Breakers
Collision Avoidance System /TCAS
Computer databases
Computer, Airborne
Containers, Shipping
Control heads
cooling systems

Data acquisition systems
Data Bus Component
Data Conversion System
Data link systems
Data loaders
Display, components : chatode ray tubes (CRT)
Display, components : Electroluminescent (EL)
Display, components : Field Emmision Displays (FED)
Display, components : Incandescent
Display, components : Light Emitting diodes (LED)
Display, components : liquid crystal display (LCD)
Display, components : Plasma/Gas Discharge
Display, Cabin
Display, cockpit
Display, Head-Up (HUD)
Display, Helmet-Mounted (HMD)
Document management Systems

EMI/RFI Equipment and Components
Electro-optical components/ system
electronic assembly services
electronics flight bags
emergency locator trnsmitters (ELTs)
Emergency Power units
Engine Controls
Engine Monitoring
Enhanced/synthetic vsison systems

FLIR systems
Fiber optic systems
Fire & Overheat detection
Flight control systems
flight directors
flight information systems
flight instruments systems, electronic (EFIS)
flight management systems

GPS : Differential Ground Sytems
GPS : interference Cancellation, Anti-jamming

health and usage monitoring systems (HUMS)

ice detectors
inflight entertaintment systems
infrared systems
instruments : airspeed indicators
instruments : angle-of-attack indication
instruments : artificial horizon
instruments ; backup
instruments ; directional gyros
instruments : electronic standby instrument system
instruments : encoding altimeters/encoders
instruments : engine
instruments : horizontal situation indicators
instruments : vertical speed indicators
interface system


Berikut ini adalah kata-kata kunci yang dapat digunakan untuk mencari materi-materi sains (khususnya untuk dipelajari oleh anak-anak).

Gunakan kata-kata kunci berikut ini dalam kotak pencarian pada website:

Use all keywords list below to searc in

Belum atau masih susah membaca tulisan bahasa inggris? solusinya terjemahkan website melalui

A. Electricity and magnetism
kata kunci:
electricity, circuits, conductors, electricity supply, magnetism, electromagnet, electricmotors, generators, electronics, digital electronics, micro electronics, radio, television, video, telecoms, cellcoms, computers, networks, supercomputers, internet, AI (artificial Intelegence), nanotech.

Kata kunci:
Bigbang, galaxies, stars, nebulas, supernovas, blackholes, sun, solarsystem, mercury, venus, erth, moon, masrs, jupiter, uranus, saturn, neptune, pluto, asteroids, comets, astronomy, observatories, sattelites, space travel, astronouts, space stations, space observatories, space missions, ET life (extra terrestrial life).

C. Earth
kata kunci:
Planet earth, Earth's structure, Tectonics, eratquakes, Volcanoes, mountains, minerals, rocksycle, rocks, fossils, geological time, erosion, soil, sediments, ice, coasts, oceans, ocean floor, island, rivers, groundwater, lakes, atmospheres, climate, weather, wind, clouds, rain, habitats, earth's resources, pollution, sustainable development

kata Kunci:
Plant kingdom, Plan anatomy, photosynthesis, tansportation, seedless plants, coniferous plants, flowering plant, pollination, trees, parasitic plants, cornivorous plants, plants sensivity, plant survival, food plants, GM crops (geneticalli modified crops), medicinal plants, plants products, fungi, bacteria, single cell, algae.

kata kunci:
Animl anatomy, sponges, worms, crustaceans, insect, arachnids, shell, echinoderms, fish, amphibians, reptiles, brids, mammals, life cycles, courtship, reproduction, growing, feeding, movement, senses, communication, protection, body clocks, populations, communities, ecology, food chain, fossil study, extinction, conservation.

Kata Kunci:
body systems, skeleton, muscles, nerves, smell, taste, hearing, balance, sight, touch, skin, circulation, respiration, endocrine system, immune system, digestion, liver, unnary system, human reproduction, genetics, growth, health, disease, medicine, technology (medical research).

Kata Kunci:
Matters, solids, liquids, gases, changing states, mixtures, separating mixtures, elements, atoms, periodic table,molecules, chemical reaction, acids, bases, metals, nonmetals, hydrogen, oxygen, water, nitrogen, carbon, biochemistry, organic chemistry, chemical industry, plastics, glass, ceramics, synthetics, composites, new materials, recycling

Kata Kunci:
forces, dynamics, friction, elasticity, motion, gravity, relativity, pressure, energy, work, heat, heat transfer, radioactivity, nuclear energy, energy sources, machines, levers, wheels, pulleys, screws, gears, engines, turbines, vehicles, floating, beats, flight, aircraft, energy waves, sound, loudness, pitch,musical sound, acoustic, sound reproduction, light, lasers, reflection, refraction, lenses, microscopes, telescopes, cameras, cinema, visible spectrum.

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Hajj 2009

As two to three million Muslims converge on Saudi Arabia for the annual pilgrimage, you can stay up to date on all the latest with Al Jazeera, both online and on air.

Get real-time updates from our @AJEnglish/Hajj Twitter list:

How to become a Muslim

This is a video that explain about muslim.

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Creation of Man on the Qur'an

"He has created man from a sperm, he suddenly became a real contender" (An-Nahl: 4)

"His friend (the believers) said to him - he was talking to him:" Did ye reject the faith (God) who created you from dust, then from a sperm-drop, then He brings you a man perfect?
"( Al Kahfi: 37) "(Al-Kahf: 37)

Hey man, if you are in doubt about the resurrection (of dead), then (know) that We created you from dust, then from a drop of semen, then from a clot, then from the perfect piece of meat that does not happen, and perfect, so We explain to you and we are set in the womb, what we want until the appointed time, then we remove you as a baby, then (with a gradual) you came to maturity, and some among you who diwafatkan and (adapula) among you who extended his age to dementia, so she does not know anymore who previously had nothing to know. And you see the earth dry, and then when We send down water on it, live it and suburlah earth and grow various kinds of plants that were beautiful . '(Al-Hajj: 5).

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Al Shahaadah, Testimony of Faith:
The Credal Statement:
Laa ilaaha illallaahu Muhammadur Rasuulullaah,
There is no go but Allah, Muhammad is th messenger of Allah.

The articles of Faith:
" O you who beleive! Beleive n Allah and His Messenger and the Book Which He revealed ti His messenger, and the Book which He revealed afore-time. Whos disbeleives in Allah, His angels and His Books and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily has wandered far astray" (4: 136)

"He has created everything and has meted out for it measure." ( 25: 2)

AL SALAAH, The Ritual Prayer

- Rak'aah, a cycle of the ritual  Prayer includes qiyaam standing, ruku'(bowing down), Sajdatayn( two prostrations and qa'adah (sitting).

- In all these postures certain perscribed invocations in Arabic are said, praising Allah, glorifying His name and seeking His blessing, favours, mercy and guidance.

- There are five ritual Prayes: Fajr, before sunrise
, Zuhr, noon, 'Asr, afternoon, Maghrib, after sunset and 'Isha', at night.

- All ritual prayers are established by Muslim throughout th globe as they were taught by the Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him).

The Important Prayers:
Five daily obligatory Prayers, Friday Congrgaional Prayer, 'Id Prayers: ( 5: 6; 2: 43; 4: 101; 62: 9; 2: 239; 20: 130; 4: 103; 17: 78; 2: 238; 11: 114; 40: 55; 50: 39; 52: 49; 29: 45; 19: 59; 27: 3; 2: 45; 9: 18; 62: 9).

- Purity of intention, body, dress and environment.
- Wudu' ablution (5:6).
- facing ka'bah in Makkah.

Creates discipline, piety, unity, equality, obedience, patience, justice, punctuality, consciousness of duty and other virtues.

Direct link and dialogue with Allah. It can be said as far as possible in mosque or anywhere provided the place is clean.

AL ZAKAH, The Welfare Due
(2: 177, 256; 9: 60; 30: 39; 23: 4; 31: 4).
- Zakah in arabic means purity.
- Whatever exists in the Universe belongs to Allah. A man/woman is trustee of all of Allah's bounties and he/she is accountable to Him.
- Allah has prescribed Welfare due, on currency, gold and silver, farm produce and livestock. A certain portion of these are the legal, annual right of those who are less privileged in the society provided such items have been in the possesion of a person for a complete year and these have reached the required nisab, a fixed amount by law on which Zakah is due.
- It enbles a person to purify his/her waelth and encourges him/her to be generous and feel the need  of those members of the society who, on account of their proverty, are unable to fulfil their basic requirements.

AL SAWM, Fasting
- Fasting during the month of Ramadan ( 2: 183-185, 187)
- Sawm means to abstain from food, drink, sex nd all unlawful acts from dawn to dusk for the sake of Allah. A person is also required ti abstain from bad perceptions and thoughts.
- An annual, month-long training for purification af the soul.
- The establishment of close links with Allah.
- Creates discipline, endurance, Godliness, piety, forgiveness.
- Encourages a person to repent to Allah, to sacrifice those worldly thins which a person loves ,ost and reflect on the creation and on message of the Qur'an.
- Muslim celebrate 'Id al Fitr, the festival of breaking the fast. They pray two cycles of Prayer in a large congregation in the morning on 1st of Shawwal ( the 10th month of the Islamic Hijra lunar calendar).

AL HAJJ, The pilgrimage
- For those who can undertake the journey, the performance of pilgrimage at Makkah, once in lifetime, is an obligatory duty.
- It was the Prophet Abraham who constructed, with the help of his son the Prophet Ishmael( peace be upon him) the Ka'bah, a cubical building made of stone as the house of the One True God. The Qur'an calls it the first House of Worship appointed for mankind( 3: 96). It is a resort for mankind and a place of safety (2: 125). Mnkin have been asked to perform pilgrimages to the House of Allah (3: 97; 22: 27)
- All rites performed at Makkah around the Ka'bah, at Mina, Muzdalifah dan 'Arafat are the revival of the concepts of Abrahamic worship of one God only and these are accomplished in an international gathering of thousands of beleivers in one God, in absolute equality, discipline, brotherhood and uniformity (2: 125, 194, 196-203; 3: 96, 97; 5: 94,95; 22: 25, 28, 34, 36, 37;).
- Muslim celebrate 'Id al Adha, The Festival of Sacrifice on the 10th of Dzulhijjah ( the last month of the Hijra calendar) the world over.

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AL-TAWAKUL, Trust in Allah

- It is the practice of all Prophets and righteous souls.
- It helps a person in his/her endeavours of life. A person is Closely associated with Allah at times of ease as well as time of dificulty.
- It i an ornament of Fith which provides extra strength, courage and determination when these are required in life (11: 88; 10: 85; 3: 122, 160; 5: 11; 8: 49; 9: 51; 65: 3; 3: 159).

AL-TAQWA, Allah Consciousness

- It is the essence of worship.
- It is one of the most important concepts of the Qur'an
- It is the net result of penetration of Faith in the heart. It is an inner voice for the Truth.
- It enables a person to act according to the precepts od Shari'ah.
- It is a true consciousness of Allah which creates awareness of accountability. It is an attitude of mind(2: 177; 3: 133; 51: 15; 5: 8; 2: 237; 3: 76; 7: 26; 49: 13; 8: 29; 10: 62-63; 16: 128).

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What is Islam

Palestine Emergency 2009

A staggering majority of Palestinians live below the poverty line, with an even high percentage reliant on foreign aid for survival.

Islamic Rleief implements various projects to help Palestinians sustain themselves while maintaining their dignity.

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Gaza needs your voice Help

MuslimFest 2009

Yes, MuslimFest is back and it is packed with your favorite programs in addition to all new shows, exhibits, films, and more.

visit for more information

Journey of Faith 2009

2nd Annual Islamic Conference Trailer
Journey of Faith - 2nd Annual Islamic Conference Trailer! Metro Toronto Convention Center, Toronto, Ontario. July 4th and 5th, 2009.

Theme: Journey to Allah

For more information contact 647-388-2378, or visit

Learn Arabic

This basic Arabic grammar course, consisting of ten Arabic lessons and accompanying course materials, follows on from the course Reading and Writing the Arabic script. Lesson 1 covers forming basic nominal sentences. Learn Arabic grammar, vocabulary, writing and much more at

American Mayor Reverted To Islam

American Mayor from Georgia Jack Ellis announced his Convertion to Islam, he said, so returned "to his roots after years of the search for the Truth."

He explained, "Ellis" Muslims believe that Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him is the seal of prophets and messengers to humankind, but they also believe that Moses and Jesus were also prophets of God, unlike the Jews and the Christians.
NBC NEWS: 20000 Americans Convert To ISLAM Each Year, 75% Of Them Women.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam is going to dominate many Places in USA and Europe in the next few years, and is now a fiery revival sweeping much of the planet from Africa to Asia to Latin America to Europe to USA.

The number of Europeans, Americans, Latinos and Africans converting to Islam is growing rapidly


-The Qur'an emphasises the paramount importance of life Hereafter for mankind. It creates in a person the awareness of his/her duty to Allah and fllow creatures in the temporary worldy life and unfolds the realities of the eternal life, the Hereafter, which includes the Day of resurrection, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hell. It calculates teh concepts of acountability both in the private and public life of a person (3: 25; 7: 18; 11: 18; 15: 92; 17: 13; 18: 49; 21: 1; 29: 13; 30: 7-8; 34: 3; 37: 24; 39: 69; 45: 27; 58: 6; 69: 18; 75: 13; 81: 7; 82: 5; 88: 26; 99: 6; 100: 10; 102: 8)

- Death: Death closes the file on this temporary wordly life and from this point begins the journey to life Hereafter ([3: 144, 145, 154, 185]; 4: 78; 21: 34-35; 23: 15; 39: 30; 50: 19; 55: 26; 56: 60; 62: 8; 10: 49; 15: 13; 16: 61; 35: 45; 36: 44)


- For the sake of hum guidance, Allah sent hundreds of Prophets in the past who promulgated Divine guidance.

- The fundamental aim of the Prophets was to establish a proper relationship between man and Allah. (16:36)

- Allah blessed all people in the past with prophets (10:47; 38: 4; 40:78) who communicated Allah's message in the language of heir people (14:4). They were human beings (25: 20; 21: 7-8; 14: 11-12) closen by Allah for human guidance(6: 124; 22: 75; 72: 26-27 3: 179). They were blessed by wisdom and knowledge (12:21). They were the best of creatures were granted the best of human capabilities and strength. They were righteous models. guides and leaders of humanity ( 19: 12-14, 30-32, 49-51, 54-58; 21: 72-73, 85, 90; 38: 45-47; 7: 68; 26: 107). They were the well-wishers of their people(7:61-63)

- Obedience to the Prophets is obligatory (7: 35-36; 8: 20,24,46; 9: 71; 24: 51; 47: 33; 48: 17)

- Faith is incomplete without abedience to the Prophets (24:47)

- The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the last Universal Prophet(33: 40, 45; 22: 49; 7: 158; 34: 28; 21:107).


- Allah, the One true God, occupies a pivotal place in a muslim's life from the cradle to the grave.

- Islam is summed up in the Shahadah.
- Shahadah: laa ilaaha ilallah, there is no god but Allah, affirming Allah to be the One, the Absolute Creator, the Lord and Master of all.
- The most prominent manifestations of Tawhid are:
a. Sovereigenty belongs only to Allah (2: 107; 25:2; 18: 26; 57:5; 59:23; 3:26; 7: 128)
b. unity of Divin law
c. Unity of mankind.

- It is al-Tawhid which breaks the shackles of particularism, ethnocentrism and racism and opens up the horizon of universalism.
- The identity of Islamic Culture and civilisation lies in Tawhid.
- The purpose for the creation of mankind- the vicerocy of Allah- is to serve Allah alone( 51:56; 11:61)

- The ka'bah, the centre from where the knowledge of the oneness of Allah originated, is the heart of the Muslim Ummah and is situated in the centre, anabling Muslims to face it not only in their five daily obligatory Prayers but for all Prayers the world over.

- All past Prophets invited people towards tawhid (7:62; 11:25-26,50,54,61,84; 26: 69-76; 6:77-79; 26:23-24,82,126; 37:123-125; 12:37-40; 27:23-26; 43:63-64; 5:17; 3:64; 39:64-67; 57:25; 16:36).

- The Qur'an Lays down certain conditions for the belief in Tawhid such as: knowledge, conviction, sincerity, truthfulness, acceptance, submission and love (39:11; 3:167; 24:51; 4:59; 2:165; 19:96)

-Teh Qur'an mentions many atributes of Allah. Prominent among them re: Life, Konwledge, Power, Will, Hering, Seeing and Speech.

- The following verses manifest a few of Allah's atributes:
" He is Allah, than whom there is no other God, the Knoer of the invisible and the visible."

He is the Beneficient, the merciful. He is Allah, than whom there is no other God, the Sovereign Lord, the Holy One,Peace, the Keeper of faith, the Gurdian, the Majestic, the Compeller, the Superb. Glorified be Allah from all that they ascribe as partner (to Him)!

He is Allah, the Creator, the Shaper out of nothing, the Fashioner, His are the most beatiful names. All that is in the heavens and earth glorofies Him, and He is the Mighty, the Wise" (59: 22-24)

(for the attributes of Allah, see the Qur'an:
2:117,129,143,158, 244, 247, 255, 257, 263,;
3:2, 8, 9,15, 38, 51;
4:6, 79, 81, 85, 149;
5: 109;
6: 18, 65, 103;
8: 40;
9: 104;
11: 57, 61, 73, 90;
12: 21, 64;
13: 9, 16;
15: 23, 86
16: 70, 91;
17: 44;
19: 47;
21: 112;
22; 6, 64, 74;
24: 25, 35;
25: 31;
30: 50,;
33: 52;
34: 1, 23, 26;
35: 34,
39: 36;
40:15, 43;
41: 54;
42: 11, 23;
51: 58;
52: 28
54: 42, 55;
55: 27;
57: 3;
71: 10;
82: 6;
85: 13
96: 3
122: 2

And on the closeness of Allah to mankind:

" We verily created man and We know what his soul whispers to him, We are nearer to him than his jugular vein" (50:16)

"..and He is with you wheresoever you may be.."(57:4)

" He knows the treachery of the eyes, and that which the bosoms hide"( 40:19)

( see also:
2: 33, 77, 235, 284;
3: 29, 119, 154;5: 7, 99, 154;
6: 3;
8: 43;
9: 78;
11: 5;
16: 19, 23;
17: 25;
20: 7
21: 110;
24: 29, 39
27: 25, 74;
28: 69;
31: 23;
33: 5, 51, 54;
35: 8, 38;
36: 76;
39: 7
42: 24
57: 6
64: 4
67: 13


- The conduct of the last Prophet an Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (peace be upon him), his example, his ations and his sayings are considered as his Sunnah.

- The Qur'an assigns to the Prophet four distinct roles:
1. Expounder of the Qur'an (16:4). [The Qur'an, chapter 16, verse 44.]
2.Legislator (7:57)
3. One to be obeyed (3:32,132 ; 4:59,64,80)
4. The model for muslim behaviour (33:21; 59:7; 4:65)

- The Qur'an regards obedience to teh Prophet as obedience to and love for Allah (3:31). Whatever the Prophet regards lawful and whatever he prohibits must be followed (59:7; 24:51). He is extremely concerned for the welfare of all mankind. He is full of compassion, the bringer of good tidings, warner and mercifull (9:128; 33:45; 34:28). The Prophet does not conceal any revelation of his Lord and he is the first to surrender to the Divine will(5:67; 6:14)

- The Qur'n is also a book of principles. There is hardly any principle of the Qur'an which is left untranlated in the Sunnah. It serves as the commentary on the Qur'an. It is the perfect record of the implementation of Qur'anic teachings. Hadith literature is the mirror which reflects the method which the Prophet adopted in order to change the course og the lives of his Companions for the upliftment of human rights, values and virtue on the foundation of equality, justice, truth and Divine law.
- Teh ceaseless and dedicated efforts of thousands of Muslims account for its recording and collection.

The Qur'an

- Al-Qur'an is an Arabic word which literally means 'the reading' and 'the collection'. It is the collection of the essence of all revealed scriptures of the past.

- It is the Word of Allah and a universal message containing final guidance to mankind for all times.

- It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during some 23 years of his prophetic mission in the Arabian peninsula. It has been preserved in original Arabic both in writing and in memory throughout the fourteen hundred years.

- The Qur'an contain 114 Surahs(Chapters), 6,616 Ayat(verses), 77,934 words and 323,671 letters. All schools of thought are unanimous on the text of the Qur'an and regard it as an undisputed authority wherefrom springs the law and ethics and other Islmic concepts.

- It has succesfully created a new phase of humn thought and greatly affected the life of million of Muslims the world over.

- Hrdly generation has passed whch has not witnessed a comprehensive commentary on the Qur'an highlighting contemporary issues.

- Faith and the performance of righteous deeds are the springboard of the Qur'an.

- The Qur'an categorucally lays down that all human beings are born innocent and are accountable for their deeds.

- The Qur'an prohibits the roots of evils such as intoxicants, interest, gambling, adultery, oppression, coruption and many more.

- The Divine mrcy encompasses everyting: fear, grief, despair, cannot be associated with the Divine mercy.

- The Qur'an commands that the followers of other faiths must be tolerated and treatedwith kindness.

- Onenes of Allah, life hereafter, peace, tranquillity, and properity of mankind are the ultimate aims if the Qur'an.

over six hundred reference havebeen provided in this work for all themes from the Qur'an for further elaboration.


(A) The Authoritative Sources of Islam
1. The Qur'an
2. The Sunnah
(B) The Fundamental Concepts:
3. al-Tawhid, Onenes of Allah
4. al-Risalah, Prophethood
5. al-Akhirah, Life Hereafter

Kamis, 24 September 2009

Qur'an and Science

"And only those who are devoid of knowledge say,
'Why does God not speak unto us,nor is a miraculous sign shown to us?'
Even thus,like unto what they say,spoke those who lived before their time,their hearts are all alike.
Indeed,We have made all the signs manifest unto people who are endowed with inner certainty."
Quran 2;118***

We are living in a century that scientists try to explain everything naturalistically and want to take "God" out of creation. And they see religions as paralysers of science.

Azhar Ushman Comedian

Azhar Usman. Musilim Comedian - enjoy this guy - he is very funny. I have restricted comments due to some fools just abusing the comments' space.