Senin, 28 September 2009

The Qur'an

- Al-Qur'an is an Arabic word which literally means 'the reading' and 'the collection'. It is the collection of the essence of all revealed scriptures of the past.

- It is the Word of Allah and a universal message containing final guidance to mankind for all times.

- It was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) during some 23 years of his prophetic mission in the Arabian peninsula. It has been preserved in original Arabic both in writing and in memory throughout the fourteen hundred years.

- The Qur'an contain 114 Surahs(Chapters), 6,616 Ayat(verses), 77,934 words and 323,671 letters. All schools of thought are unanimous on the text of the Qur'an and regard it as an undisputed authority wherefrom springs the law and ethics and other Islmic concepts.

- It has succesfully created a new phase of humn thought and greatly affected the life of million of Muslims the world over.

- Hrdly generation has passed whch has not witnessed a comprehensive commentary on the Qur'an highlighting contemporary issues.

- Faith and the performance of righteous deeds are the springboard of the Qur'an.

- The Qur'an categorucally lays down that all human beings are born innocent and are accountable for their deeds.

- The Qur'an prohibits the roots of evils such as intoxicants, interest, gambling, adultery, oppression, coruption and many more.

- The Divine mrcy encompasses everyting: fear, grief, despair, cannot be associated with the Divine mercy.

- The Qur'an commands that the followers of other faiths must be tolerated and treatedwith kindness.

- Onenes of Allah, life hereafter, peace, tranquillity, and properity of mankind are the ultimate aims if the Qur'an.

over six hundred reference havebeen provided in this work for all themes from the Qur'an for further elaboration.

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