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Astonishing Facts about The Quran

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The Quran is an astounding celestial book loaded with striking scientific quirks and correspondences that boggle the brain. This is a gathering of these shocking actualities about the Quran which truly demonstrate its heavenly being.

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Fabulous Book

Adored this booklet. It has tidbits of informative data I had no idea about. Positively astonishing, and extraordinary since its free as well. Might the creator be remunerated monstrously.

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Captivating informative data, the Quran has so much importance and profundity that we can never even would like to comprehend it in its sum, this booklet gives an impression into various ver fascinating correspondences in the Quran that show yet more that it can never be a book that is composed by man

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It is a decently scrutinized book.

I was astounded to find certainties i would be unable to distinguish myself while perusing the Holy Qur'an.

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