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Islam Beliefs - Learn About Islam (Shiites)

No religion has suffered as much as Islam has.

Religions can be classified in two categories; they are either forged  and concocted by individuals or those revealed by divine inspirations. As for the first category, no one mourns any distortion  that befalls this kind of religions. As for those revealed by the Divine, their role has expired and their function has come to an end,
and although any distortion and corruption in those religions is an immense crime, and treason beyond which there is none, however these afflictions would not be lamented since they have served their purpose, and have passed their time.

As for Islam, it is alive even though some have fatally hit it, and it is a mountain even if it is engulfed by tornados, and it is light even if surrounded by darkness, Islam is like an individual who is being buried alive while he is crying I am alive, help me, rescue me, do not entomb me!

No religion has been oppressed like Islam has: it has been repressed by its own people through their ignorance, and it has been repressed by its enemies by their injustice . . . amongst its followers it is distant
and in its homeland it is foreign.

It is therefore imperative upon every Muslim to repel this injustice and oppression that has, willingly or unwillingly, befallen Islam, and rescue this victim of oppression from the claws of its exploiters and
abusers, and those who are ignorant of it.

The start of this defence is through the pen and the spread of the word. So the pens must start moving, and words of the mouth must spread, and the conscience must awaken. For the manifestation of Islam are its basic harmonious beliefs and principles, its prophethood  and leadership, its politics and organizations, its justice and wisdom, its religion and its government, . . . and it being presented and offered to the people; then it is up to them to take up the offer or refuse it:
^. . . that those who died might die after clear Sign (had been
given), and those who lived might live after a Clear Sign (had
been given) . . .`

In my role I present in this paper a brief outline of the Islamic belief, which is the foundation, in the light of the Qur’an, the Hadith (the Tradition), and reason as I see it as my obligatory duty, and Allah is
the helper.  More at this ebook here

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